Hello All Souls

Middle-class┬áChicago women discuss spiritualism (1906) – public domain

It is a personal passion of mine to bring to light some of the forgotten/forbidden history of this planet. As I’ve begun to find out/prove some of the hidden history of the planet, I have experienced some strange paranormal experiences. Some of the experiences included cold spots, feelings of being watched, chills, olfactory anomalies, audio anomalies, photographing of orbs, and more.

How do these experiences fit in with scientific proof that I am seeking to prove a hidden past on this planet? I’ve had to put some time into thinking about this and have come to the conclusion that all paths come together to bring light to hidden things. Thus I plan to fully explore the paranormal situations I have encountered. However, I will choose to put it in a separate study of its own until I can gather enough evidence to bring the scientific research together with the paranormal research.

So please enjoy the things that are coming as all paths will come together.

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